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fishing license cost starting at:


License Type Resident Prices Non-Resident Prices
1-Day N/A $21.00
3-Day $11.00 $23.00
7-Day N/A $31.00
Annual $28.00 $54.00
5 Year $134.00 $264.00

Vermont requires no fishing licenses under the age of 15. For anglers 15 and older though, it's important to not only have your fishing license but also to carry it any time you're fishing or transporting fish within the state.

There are some discounts available for seniors, and individuals with qualifying disabilities in the State of Vermont.

Vermont fishing includes ice fishing in the regular season, but the regulations and requirements are different for warm-season anglers and ice fishers. It’s the responsibility of the angler to be familiar with the relevant Vermont regulations and restrictions.

Anglers are also responsible for knowing bag limits, and any restricted areas or local limitations for the body of water they are fishing.

There are also fishing seasons in Vermont, which the responsible angler should know. More information on specific seasons can be found on the state website, here.

Trout and landlocked salmon in Vermont have no closed season. That, all by itself, would make Vermont and attractive destination for anglers. But there is so much more that makes Vermont a fantastic destination for anglers of all skill levels.

The prices are reasonable, the views gorgeous, and the fish plentiful here.

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