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License Type Resident Prices Non-Resident Prices
Freshwater Package $30.00 $58.00
Saltwater Package $35.00 $63.00
All Water Package $40.00 $68.00
1-Day All Water $11.00 $16.00

Texas is known for many things, being the second-biggest state in the Union, but too many people forget that Texas is a coastal state. Not only does it have its massive inland area to provide freshwater fishing, but it also has the long line of the Gulf coast to provide saltwater experiences to anglers of all skill levels and ages.

Texas has a more simplified licensing schedule than many states. Instead of offering a combination of annual, multi-year, and several day packages, Texas primarily offers annual licenses by water type. There are some multi-year licenses available for residents, but they only allow for single-day licenses for each day you want to fish, or an annual license in the appropriate water type.

They also offer all-water packages, which all for fishing in all of Texas’s water, inland and coastal, for less than the cost of purchasing both fresh- and saltwater options.

Texas's single-day packages are all-water by default.

Anglers age 17 and older are required to have a fishing license any time they fish in Texas. They must be able to present that license while transporting fish as well as while actively fishing.

Charter boats and fishing competitions may have additional licensing requirements or may waive certain licensing requirements. It's best to contact the boat's owner or the event company to see what licenses or permits are needed.

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