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fishing license cost starting at:


License Type Resident Prices Non-Resident Prices
1-Day $8.50 $14.50
5-Day N/A $27.50
Annual $27.50 $52.50
Trout Permit $14.50 $14.50
Paddlefish Permit $12.50 $12.50
Hand fishing Permit $27.50 $27.50
Three Pole Permit $8.50 $8.50
Bass Pass $14.50 $14.50
5 Year Fishing $102.50 N/A

Kansas determines residence based on the previous 60 days for all people 16 years old or older. Kansas requires licenses for all anglers until age 74, after which it’s possible for residents to purchase a lifetime seniors fishing license.

Kansas also offers applications for lifetime licenses for people of all ages, but those licenses go through an approval process in addition to requiring a fee.

Veterans, disabled individuals, national guard members, and seniors. Youth are also eligible for special permits age 16-20 at a lower rate than annual resident license costs.

Anglers in Kansas also need to be aware of Blue-Green algae outbreaks and other individual lake and fisheries which may have different or additional regulations on top of state regulations.

While Kansas has a lot of fishing locations and opportunities, they also have a lot of different types of license and fish permits, so it’s especially important for anglers to be aware of what privileges they do and do not have.

The Urban fishing program, Master Angler award, and other benefits for state fishers make Kansas an appealing place to fish, despite higher amounts of fishing regulation.

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