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fishing license cost starting at:


License Type Resident Prices Non-Resident Prices
3-Day (freshwater) N/A $22.00
Annual (freshwater) $28.00 $55.00
Trout and Salmon Stamp $5.00 $5.00
All Waters Fishing (seasonal) $32.00 $63.00

Connecticut offers both marine and freshwater fishing opportunities, perfect for anglers of all ages and skill levels.

If you’re 16 years old or older, you’re required to have a fishing license in the state of Connecticut. You’ll also need separate licenses for freshwater only and fresh- and saltwater fishing.

If your home state also has a separate saltwater license, it’s worth checking if you need a new one in Connecticut. They honor saltwater licenses from several neighboring states.

Trout and Salmon anglers will also need an additional stamp in order to fish for these species. Fortunately, the Trout and Salmon Stamp is affordable. Youth who do not need a fishing license is not required to have a Trout and Salmon Stamp.

Veterans and active service members may be eligible for discounts on fishing licenses. Physically and intellectually disabled individuals may also be eligible for discounts and even free licenses in the state of Connecticut.

There are also some specially designated areas, particularly for trout, that may have additional regulations. It’s the responsibility of the angler to be familiar with local regulations and any area-specific limitations.

Connecticut also offers fishing education programs for young and beginner anglers.

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