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Making Memories and Making Their Day

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Kenneth Frye


April 6, 2020

Some years ago when I was a much younger man, raising my family in mid to upper Michigan, I, like most men I knew, worked very hard in order to raise our children and maintain a certain lifestyle, as a dad I was in charge of the family entertainment, which in the spring, summer and fall months were very short and very special for us all.

Most days I found myself working eight to ten hours per day, then after my shift as a sheriff Deputy I would go to my second job and work another five to six hours, My work days were long and tiring and most days I couldn't wait to for my three day weekend which came only twice per month. But when they arrived and I signed out of work that very last moment, It Was Time, to hit the road, for Camping, in at the State Park, With the kids buckled in and the camping and fishing equipment stowed in the boat and the boat in tow, we were off to the great outdoors, literally.


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Fishing In Michigan

One such weekend in late April, it was still a little chilly outside and there were still patches of ice on the ground in the early mornings and looking around you could still see piles of snow scattered around here and there, and on some mornings you still awoke to heavy frost on the car windows and perhaps even  a scattered snow shower blew in just to remind you that it was still winter in Michigan.

However anyone who has lived in Michigan for their entire life so far will tell you that you don't dare waist a single day of camping or Boating season no matter how ridiculous you look idling your 22 foot cabin cruiser through the long winding channel of Lake Michigan, while you and your three kids, two teenage girls and a young early teenage son, and one 12 pound Maltese puppy, all dressed in heavy winter coats, long pants with a second layer of long johns, heavy winter gloves, a scarf and insulated toboggans with extra ear muffs, to mention each of with our own thermal blanket sitting next to our feet, in case we get cold while spending the day out on the water at ( Party Cove ) with all the like minded families like us, who refused to allow a little cold weather ruin our camping and fishing fun, had already made the Forty Five minute idle through the foggy rough water channel that we had just came through in order for them to get there and claim their right to tie their vessel up close to the one next to it, eventually making up a very large floating dock, where we all would bring items for grilling throughout the day, and plenty of drinks to last and to share should that need arise. 

What a site to see! And what an adventure to enjoy! The larger boats were tired off on the two outer sides which were able to protect all the pontoons and the smaller boats from the wind, and the wakes of other boats that pulled out of the floating dock system from time to time in order to go and play on the open water.

Party Cove

Even Though the water around (party cove) was still very cold and the damp air continually found its way through and around the safety of the larger boats, it was certainly not uncommon for there to be a very large area in the center of this family made floating dock, serving as our very own private swimming area, when so many of us gradually striking up the nerve to take our early morning plunge deep into the icy cold depths of Lake Michigan. What a rush!! I unlike my kids was hesitant to jump in that morning, My son being the first to dive in, followed closely by youngest daughter. Now of course it wasn't long before the re-boarded the boat in search of a warm towel and some hot chocolate. 

We spent the morning hours stepping from boat to boat meeting new friends and fellow party cove goers, and trying so many breakfast items, and my favorite was by far the breakfast burritos made by a woman from the upper peninsula, Since my belly was full and I was getting warmer and my confidence was getting stronger, I decided it was time to take my icy cold dip in the  lake. I jumped off one of the smaller boats and once my toes hit the ice cold water, I realized what a mistake this was.  OMG was that cold, lol however i decided to make a go of this endeavor and swim across the community made pool toward my own boat that sat a lot further away than i  realized.  After a few moments in the water, I began hearing people cheering me on, and even though the encouragement was helpful, the cold water was making it comfortable to continue the swill. Now I did eventually make the swim to my boat, and although I did need just a little help climbing aboard, I was happy to have made the swim without giving up.

Now To The Fishing

Later that same afternoon we made our way out of the party cove community, to a place that my dad had always told me that the fishing was amazing, and the colder it is the better the fish were biting. And we were about to find out for ourselves it that stories my dad had told us were true or not. After getting the fishing lines ready for our first cast, we picked our spots and with that our lines were cast into the super deep and icy cold water.

My Daughter's Fish

Who though, was going to bring in the first and the largest walleye, and as it turns out we didn't have to wait long before getting our answers. Yep! It was my Daughter, not only did she bring in the first Walleye of the day but she also topped the toll on the largest.

Weighing in at a whopping 17 lbs and measuring 14 inches long, it was one of my proudest fishing moments to date, You see it's not always the things that you or I do in life that makes our adventures so memorable, as it is when we are able to be there and bare witness to our children doing something totally awesome. 

I for one have always been very proud of all my children, but life has a way of making it seem like I too have done something really awesome.

I no longer live in Michigan, and I am a few or many years older than I was back then, my daughter has made the move to be closer to me and with her came her Husband and My now three year old granddaughter, now i still love fishing, and I am always looking out for that next great experience with my kids.


From one father and grandfather to another, I would suggest you grab your fishing gear and those people you love and head on out to the lake, river or pond of your choice and make memories that will not only make their day, possibly your lifetime as well.

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