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5 Best Bass Fishing Lures For 2020

5 Best Bass Fishing Lures For 2020 | Life of Fishing

Written by

Kenneth Frye


April 6, 2020

Each year more and more people flock to our lakes and rivers to enjoy the best Bass fishing around. With that everyone is seeking out the best tricks of the trade in order to dive into the best Bass fishing season ever.

We ask the question, what are the best Bass fishing Lures available? Here are some of our favorites for 2020.


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1. Rapala Shad Rap

This is a great fishing bait and works very well in a variety of fishing situations, warm summertime weather as well as fall weather temps.

What is even more impressive is how well it performs in cold water fishing. When the bass are snuggled in their nests and are sluggish to move, casting the Rapala Shad Rap instills confidence in many fishermen whether you are new on the lake or you’re an old pro.

The Rapala Shad Rap comes in four colors:

  • Fire tiger
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crawdad

With these awards winning colors, the Rapala Shad Rap Lure is not only effective on bass but also works very well on walleye too.

The Rapala Shad Rap was introduced in 1982 and was designed to mimic bait cast profiles, good buoyancy and smooth subtle tracking for good castability.

The Rapala Shad Rap lure has continued to sell in high volumes since it came out, with its slender profile and classy design it has earned a place on our 2020 bass fishing best lure list.

2. Koppers Live Target Frog

If you’re looking to catch bass in a variety of water then you need to be casting this topwater frog. The Koppers live target frog wakes up even the most sluggish of bass right where they are nesting.

This hollow topwater frog offers a completely weedless design so you can enjoy the fishing trip without spending your time freeing your bait of debris, cast after cast.

Another benefit of fishing with the Koppers live target frog is the realistic look and feel brought together by the craftsmen and their attention to detail which sets this topwater lure apart from many other frogs on the market.

The Koppers live target frog casts with incredible ease and produces many more results even in the harshest of waterways. The best way to use this lure is to cast, then twitch and pause while retrieving.

3. Mann’s Jelly Worm

This makes our list of best bass lures of 2020 for its countless tournament wins over the years, but also because of its sheer potential to steal the attention of many species of fish; including largemouth bass.

Mann’s Jelly worms were introduced in 1967 and quickly began catching not only record amounts of largemouth bass as well as other fish but all so the attention of record numbers of fishermen.

Mann’s jelly worms come in a wide variety of realistic colors and are made of a super lifelike plastic that enables them to move through the water just as a live worm would. The size, shape, and colors of the Mann’s Jelly Worms made their mark on the angler’s best bait list and are still making some striking impacts still today.

4. The Big O

The Big O is a crankbait and is an impressive one at that. It was introduced in 1967 and was created by Fred Young. Back then these crankbaits were hand-carved and painted in their unique patterns.

The Big O made its mark on the world with its ability to maneuver through weeds and slide over rocks with ease. The Big O has been reproduced and now are made of plastic. It can still be found bringing to shore some monster bass as well as many other species. Currently, there are many square bill lures on the market, and each of them would be a fine addition to add to your arsenal of top bass fishing lures.

5. The Fred Arbogast Hula Popper

No tackle box is complete without this little big noisemaker, when it comes to bass fishing it’s like ringing the dinner bell. Making its mark on bass fishing in the 1930s this bait was made to mimic frogs when casting around vegetation, and wow did it do its job well.

Fred Arbogast was credited for the hula skirt that makes this lure so appealing to bass making it look like a real frog. The Hula Popper is a topwater bait and is very effective when you are fishing near the shoreline.

So there you have it, our list of the best bass lures for 2020. Keep in mind there are so many great bass fishing baits on the market, each with its own unique characteristics so grab your favorite rod and reel and give them all a try.

Now get out there and enjoy the experience.

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5 Best Bass Fishing Lures For 2020

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