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Ever wondered where to fish? Maybe you feel as though you've already fished at all fishing spots available in your area. Fortunately, we have good news. There are always new spots to fish, with the potential of catching that bigger and better trophy fish.

Here's the solution

Use this interactive fishing map below, which populates with local fishing spots as found by members of the community. Not only will you discover new exciting fishing holes, but also the potential your next fishing trip has in store - from previously logged catches, to fish species and fishing forecasts.

How to Find New Fishing Spots

If you are ready to go on a fishing trip and want to find a new fishing spot, then finding an acceptable place to go can be a challenge in some areas. Some towns may have multiple areas that are easy to find, and that makes a great option, but if you live nearby or in a major city, then you could have a lot more trouble finding one close to you.

However, this article will teach you a few different ways to find the best new fishing spot near you, no matter where you live, so you can find one without any trouble – the fast and easy way.

Interactive Map

The fastest and easiest way to find the best new fishing spot near you is to use the interactive map available on this page. This map will enable you to input your location and will search for the best options for you in that area and find the ones within the closest proximity to you. With this map doing the work for you, you won’t need to do any research of your own to find a new spot.

This will work for most people, so you might not have to find a spot any other way. But, if you want to know another way to find a fishing spot or if there aren’t any that are in your area, then there are some other ways to find a new spot for your next fishing trip.

Google Maps

If the area that you live around is mostly unmapped wilderness, then you may not see any known fishing spots pop up on the map. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any there. They just haven’t been discovered yet. Instead of going out and spending hours or days tracking down an area that looks like it could work, you can use Google Maps to virtually hike through the area to find a good spot that you will want to see for yourself. 

With the detailed images that you see with this tool, you will see the vegetation around the body of water when you find one and can check to see if there are any of the common plants that increase the chances of certain types of fish living in the waters. If you are an avid fisherman, then you likely already know all the signs to look for, so seeing it clearly can allow you to choose the spot that looks good before checking it out for yourself.

Fish Finding Tools

Once you have found a place that you think will work, whether that was through Google Maps or you decided to hike around and find one yourself, you can use a fish-finding tool to check the depth of the water and will tell you if there is any plants or structures under the water. Fish like both of these things, so if there is a lot under the surface, there is a higher chance of fish being there too.


Our mission here at Life of Fishing is to produce the most helpful, easy-to-read fishing content possible. The hope is that we can all increase our fishing knowledge though this site. Be sure to come back; we publish multiple times every week!



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