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Our mission here at Life of Fishing is to produce the most helpful, easy-to-read fishing content possible. The purpose behind that content is two fold - to increase our own knowledge through the research it takes to produce this content, and to share the things we learn with you.

The experience of our writers covers the whole range - from complete newbies to 40 years of experience. We're not perfect, and we're always learning. Notice something incorrect, or have a better experience that we can share? Let us know here and we'll be sure to get it fixed and/or implemented.

Fishing is a calming yet exhilarating sport and activity which brings fun for the whole family. Get out there and go fishing!

My name is Daniel Wade. I got started at a young age through programs like the Boy Scouts of America, which teaches those in the program many life skills like fishing, archery, camping, hiking, wilderness survival, sailing, boating and more.

Many of my family friends were, and are, in a similar mindset with the great outdoors. This made it easy to learn from those more experienced than I, and provided for a solid foundation.

For the last 20 years I've been around the block with fishing from oast-to-coast, including fresh water spin-reel fishing, fresh water fly fishing, and salt water spin-reel fishing.

Life of Fishing is the platform I and my fellow fishermen & fisherwomen share our fishing knowledge, experiences and stories with you.

I hope you enjoy the content and learn something new every day.

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